Reboot Reviews

"My son played outside all afternoon (after school) and rode his bike 2.5 miles with me while I walked last night, instead of playing with his Xbox!!!!
Steve woke me up in the night initiating sex (tmi, sorry!) only second time ever since living together!!! I woke up 5 minutes before my alarm this am!!! Since living here I snooze my alarm several times before I’m able to peel out of bed, today it didn’t even have to go off. At the dinner table we talked about “what good we can give the world”!!!! Conversations that don’t happen ever since here. Both of my kids physically look different this am!!! In a good way. My son has gained almost 20 lbs this summer here and his eye was starting to veer out. He looks relieved today, asking what the high pitch sounds are. I told him they are his Angels.
The home FEELS different even in the air! I feel focused for the first time since here — it’s amazing. Lethargic, confused, overwhelmed is how I’ve been. I had been saying over the past few weeks I felt like “a slave to this house”! Chains are broken!!! Interesting, it dawned on me that the prior family living here lost this home when the dad (a prominent Dr in the community) lost his license and ability to practice because of an addiction to pain meds. He was a good, good man and prided for his abilities as a doctor. I’m positive now that those addictions probably had a part from the house and it’s attachments."
- Katy, CT



"Hi Kariann,  I want you to know that I definitely feel the good vibes of the home clearing tonight. I was sitting in the kitchen earlier watching tv and started feeling giddy. I thought to myself "why do I feel so happy?" That in turn made me smile, which then made me feel even more giddy!  I realized I was feeling good energy coming in through my back, and up and down my spine. For the first time in a long time I just knew that I will be okay.  I felt genuinely happy, a feeling I've not had in years. It felt amazing and I still feel it hours later!  So Thank You for the work you do. Thank you for being You! "

- Lisa R, CT

"Kariann, You rock!! I LOVED my reading! Such a game changer for me and I am still celebrating!  My session with you was very clarifying and I feel like you really cleared some blocks where, otherwise, I would have been stuck and not even known it! It's helped me connect to my purpose on the planet and my mission and my work ahead! Woohoo! I am moving into a Wealth Mindset! And the universe is responding!"

- Melissa Charity, Fair Haven, CT                                 

"Thank You, Kariann!!!!  The reading and soul realignment were super powerful and being felt for energy has been astounding!!   Today I woke up like I did when I was a child....without all the heaviness and weight of the world.  Shock waves surged through me with the realization you gave me a huge gift!!!! I am tremendously grateful!!!!!!!!!!!!"

- Ann Amrose, East Haven, CT                              

“After the clearing I had a better sense of self, a better understanding of who I really was, and why certain things in my life have unfolded the way they have. The fact that I've had many lifetimes really gave me a sense of empowerment! I now feel that my life has worth and that I am here for more reasons than I previously thought.”

- Rob Anthony Maheu, Deep River, CT

“My sisters & I ordered a Reboot Soul Enlightenment & Freeing Session for our mom. The change we saw in her was almost instantaneous. She normally avoids us and when we talk to her on the phone, it's like she can't wait to hang up. The evening after her session, we each got, not one, but several calls from mom who was "Chatty Cathy;" Wanting to know how we and our families are doing, etc. She was also pretty close to the vest about her feelings, but now it's like the "truth" button was turned on. She now just tells it like it is. There must have been some huge blocks that were cleared to make this happen! We're so grateful to Kariann!”

- Chelsea Malloy, Virginia Beach, VA

"Kariann, I had to write to you today and thank you.  I am so pleased I had this session with you. You are truly a gifted woman and my Akashic Record & Past Life reading was a remarkable experience. Since the night of my clearing, I continue to feel good.  That night I felt a distinct change come on, like all my physical issues fell away.  I am sure down the road after my 21 days, I will wish to hear more about my spiritual guides. Thank you again, you are one special woman! Bless you!"

- Susan Sherman, Long Island, NY

"2016 was a very tough year for me. I experienced many changes and was uncertain where things were heading for me. I've known Kariann for a few years and when she told me she does Reboot Soul Enlightenment & Freeing, I tried it knowing I had nothing to lose. The reading was interesting and I took it seriously and followed through with the prayer as instructed. I wanted my life to grow both professionally and emotionally. 2017 is turning out to be an amazing year. My business is off to its best year ever and I have found a woman whom I am very excited about and we have many more plans to share time together."

- Patrick, Deep River, CT

“While I have been using traditional therapy to help with my anxiety, it was through your guidance and your Reboot Enlightenment & Freeing sessions that helped me start to become the person that I always knew I could be.”

-Mary Ellen, Virginia Beach, VA

"Recently, I had an unusual desire to visit a custom jewelry store in Old Saybrook called "The Kariann" after its owner.  I have to say that also at this time I was extremely worried about the adjustment of a young family member who will soon be relocating. After meeting Kariann and buying unique Orgonite earrings, I read in one of her flyers that she has the ability to read the Akashic Records. I had never heard that term before and my curiosity drove me to the internet.  I was happy to find out that the records are said to be the Book of Life that each of us has. I was fascinated and read a lot about the whole concept! After my session with Kariann I can absolutely say that I am at peace with the changes that are ahead concerning the moving situation, and I can be supportive instead of fearful. This is priceless to me!  The other things that Kariann revealed about my own soul gifts and journey were very interesting.  I am glad to be free of blocks and restrictions that I had no idea I had.......but looking back.... they make sense to me and people who know me. I have since shared my Akashic Records experience and have several family members who are excited to schedule their own readings with Kariann."

- A.J.M., Old Saybrook, CT

"Kariann, I had to tell you that John was FLOORED & FASCINATED by his reading!!!!  He said it was so scary how accurate you are!  He is now a true believer and says that you have a real gift!!!!"

- Christie Mendoza, Virginia Beach, VA

"Kariann, I am so thankful that I stopped into your shop and got to chat with you about the amazing work you do. All of our interactions have been so impactful for me!  My life has been in transition and turmoil for the last few years, including divorce and financial struggles and lots of questioning in my business venture. After my Akashic Record clearing, I felt distinctly different and more clear, as I understood where I had been held up - in a way that all of my prior searching could not bring to light.  After the Manifest Blueprint session, I felt much more empowered to make the decisions that would work best for me, with a clear understanding of who I really am. I now feel so much more comfortable in my own skin, especially around other people; and this has helped me to feel more connected to the world around me. I have also been attracting the type of clients that match perfectly with where I want to take my business, and my finances are starting to turn around!  You truly are a gifted and amazing soul and the commitment you have to helping is so appreciated!...and truly, thank you for being so amazing!  I'm looking forward to meeting my spirit guides next week."

- J.B., Old Saybrook, CT

"I received Kariann's Home Clearing and Guardian Angel Protection Program a few days ago. For years my bedroom was a room I avoided. It held an unmistakable negative and heavy energy that seemed to weigh me down. At night when I would try to sleep I felt attacked by racing negative thoughts. The night after the clearing, amazingly, that negative and heavy energy had been lifted. My room felt light and airy, like the rest of my home! I laid down to sleep and found no racing thoughts. I am so grateful to have my bedroom back and to not dread going to sleep at night. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone; worth every single penny!!!!"

Jennifer Angier, Chester CT

"I know you fully understand the magic of what you do, but I just want to say thank you for being so amazing! My apartment feels so much better! I had the best time with my kids today just playing and watching was like we didn’t want to leave our little nest :) the energy is much better! I think I didn’t realize how off it was."

Amy, CT