Did you know that the choices you made in your past lives affect your present day life?


It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you are in your life. EVERYONE should reach out to Kariann and set up time with her. It will change your life for the better. Everything about your life will make sense . Every negative path will be cleared. Your journey of Heaven on Earth will happen.Thank you Kariann for coming into our life. I am grateful for your wisdom and power to create my journey free from past and present negative influence . I am excited for more beautiful things to come 

Francesca Guglin

I want to sing to the mountain tops how your work can be life changing!!! I literally had someone say to me yesterday, look at all the amazing things that have happened for you just in the last year! Praying for and sending so many blessings your way Kariann!!!! You deserve!!! 

Sarah Kort

"Kariann has been pivotal in helping me work through my blocks in business and helping me get clear on my goals and giving me tools to make them a reality. I love her style of coaching, mixing the practical with the magical. On top of all of that she is a true delight of a human and I am so grateful to get to experience her work." 

Elizabeth Kott, co-host & founder of That's So Retrograde podcast

“Kariann, I had to write to you today and thank you. I am so pleased I had this session with you. My Akashic Record & Past Life reading was a remarkable experience. Since the night of my clearing, I continue to feel good. That night I felt a distinct change come on, like all my physical issues fell away."

Susan Sherman, Long Island, NY

This is so interesting. You're right,  no wonder I never felt comfortable. I do feel a difference in the house. I wake up in the mornings without an alarm now. It's crazy. I notice a HUGE difference in my dog!! Her temperament has changed HUGE! Her tail is wagging and she just seems as if she has more energy and not SO depressed! 

Pennie Morgan

“My sisters & I ordered a Reboot Soul Enlightenment & Freeing Session for our mom. The change we saw in her was almost instantaneous. She normally avoids us and when we talk to her on the phone, it's like she can't wait to hang up. The evening after her session, we each got, not one, but several calls from mom who was "Chatty Cathy;" Wanting to know how we and our families are doing, etc. She was also pretty close to the vest about her feelings, but now it's like the "truth" button was turned on. She now just tells it like it is. There must have been some huge blocks that were cleared to make this happen! We're so grateful to Kariann!”

Chelsea Malloy, Virginia Beach, VA

“After the clearing I had a better sense of self, a better understanding of who I really was, and why certain things in my life have unfolded the way they have. The fact that I've had many lifetimes really gave me a sense of empowerment! I now feel that my life has worth and that I am here for more reasons than I previously thought.”

Rob Anthony Maheu, Deep River, CT

Kariann, thank you for allowing my spirit guides to talk through you! I feel SO blessed to have them by my side, and each of their messages really meant a lot to me. I was getting a bit emotional because I feel alone a lot and my life has not been so nice to me sometimes; however, now I know I have an amazing team on my side no matter what. Thank you again!

Thank you for everything....I feel SO much better now. You're such a blessing.  - Ciara, CT


Dear Kariann, Thank you for helping me to discover the way in which I can experience financial security and everlasting joy in life.  I am truly grateful for all that you’ve taught me.  For my entire life, no one had ever shown me how to harness the power from within that would allow me to get what I want.  I’m no longer the wall flower that wishes someone would pay attention to me or my work; or the person who just watches life pass by and allows things to happen around me.  Instead, with new action and set intentions and your methodology, I now have a new position where people are listening to what I have to say!  Also, after a few weeks of going through your program, I even got a $10,000 increase!  The Universe has also created an opportunity for my family to void a contract lean on an inherited property which will lead the way to increasing our family’s net worth in excess of $200,000!  The possibilities and opportunities are endless with your program! 

Thank you again Kariann for sharing your amazing gifts of helping me get what I want!  It really works!  I can look at life now with confidence knowing that I have the power within me to create the financial security, clarity, and certainty in the joy that I want out of life!

Darren, Virginia