Kariann Price is the woman behind Reboot My Soul

reboot my soul

For most of her professional career, she worked as a Registered Nurse (RN) caring for people in medical, surgical and hospice settings. After dedicating most of her career to her patients, she found a more creative path and opened her own boutique: Kariann Price Designs, producing and selling art and healing jewelry.  

Fascinated by all forms of healing, Kariann tapped into a new therapeutic program: Reboot Soul Clearing Sessions. 

Now a Certified Reiki Practitioner and Soul Realignment Practitioner, Kariann runs her readings program: Reboot My Soul.

What is Reboot My Soul?

It’s a half hour session in which Kariann takes a journey into your past lives record.  

Not only does our past in this life affect our future, but your past choices of other lifetimes can carry negative energy into your day-to-day life.

Think of it as a dark cloud that follows you around. It can be affecting your health, your career and even your love life.  

So, how do you clear the clouds and see the light?  

In doing your REBOOT SOUL ENLIGHTENMENT & FREEING, Kariann removes these negative entities.

Vital Force Energy then flows and Abundance follows.  

She will teach you about your Soul, Soul gifts, and the Vital Force Energy that brings abundance in Wealth, Health and Love. 

After your reading, Kariann will supply you with the tools that will allow your soul to continue to receive Vital Force Energy and the Abundance that naturally follows. 

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