Your Spirit Guides Are With You 24/7!


Did you know that you come on board, in each incarnation, with one or two Spirit Guides and that your Higher Self will hire more as you need them, so that there are 4 - 7 total? You are their only human, but don't worry, you give them plenty to do.

They would love to meet you. It's not unusual for them to get emotional and cry when in session with you. This happens when they are so excited when their human makes a choice that is aligned to their Soul gifts and Divinity.

There are no coincidences when it comes to your Spirit Guide team. I recently told a client that her birth Guide looked like the White Wings of a Dove. I thought it strange when I called up her first Spirit Guide to show himself and suddenly I saw white wings flapping before me. My eyes were closed, but it was obvious that they were wings. I quickly then received the image of a dove. Later in the reading my client told me that her Grandmother sang the song "White Wings of A Dove" to her as a baby and toddler. She sings it still today.

Let me know if you would like to meet your SG team. They will each tell you not only what they look like, but the Soul Gifts that they bring to you, their purpose on your team, how they nudge or impulse you; and a personal message from each one.

Don't be surprised if they interrupt the meet & greet. They don't take for granted the one chance to meet you and sometimes will "cut in line" to speak with you. They almost always have a sense of humor, and often sneak in a homework assignment for you. Let me know if you have any questions. Let's schedule your session now!

To your abundance,

Kariann Price