Your Perfect Soul!

When I tell people that I can read their past lives and tell them how choices they made in those past lives are still affecting them today, a common reaction is, "I'm afraid I'll find out something I don't want to know".

I then reassure them that there is no judgement and actually there is nothing to judge because your soul is perfect and here merely to create your experiences.

Some of those experiences from past lives can appear daunting. I remind them that there is no score card being kept. When we choose our experiences, we have the opportunity to pick from either a goody bag or an icky bag. When we choose from the goodie bag, we are often in congruent with our soul's gifts. If we choose from the icky bag, we are merely choosing to have that kind of experience. That being said, there are consequences for all of our actions, and, therefore, the likely outcome would be a similarly icky one.

Sometimes those negative choices can lead to blocks and restrictions that continue to affect us from lifetime to lifetime into present day. One of the amazing outcomes of this reading is that I Will CLEAR those blocks and restrictions, putting an end to the issues that have been on repeat for you for so very long.

I tell my clients to pay close attention after their reading and clearing and am never surprised when I hear of the miracles, large and small, that have resulted from theIr being cleared of those blocks and restrictions.

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