Use Your Soul Gifts The Best Way According To Your Abundance Blueprint

Did you know that you have your own Operating System that is unique to you? If you follow your OS instructions, life becomes your oyster.

What you create will come much easier to you. During your Abundance Blueprint Reading, I tell you exactly how you were made to create your experiences in the most optimal way.

Your first Akashic Record Reading and Clearing gives you a thorough understanding of your Soul Gifts, in other words, the ingredients of your Soul This second reading tells you the recipe, or how best to create, according to your Abundance Blueprint.

As an example, one of my Abundance Compasses is Internal vs External. I do better in more solitary settings. This does not seem apparent since I love attention. I'm kind of an extrovert, so how is it that I would do better by working in a less populated environment?

As I look back at my life, I've always felt out of place when at parties, reunions or similarly populated situations. When at my boutique, the majority of sales would happen after a long day of inactivity. Then toward the end of the day, everyone would come in seeking repairs, custom designs or gifts. It almost never failed to work that way. My business was always successful.

When I was in high school, some of you remember me as popular. In reality, I never really felt comfortable in groups or hanging out. I always left for home to practice piano or baton twirling.

When I was a part of a majorette team, it was fine, but it wasn't until I became a Solo performer (during half times) that I felt abundant.

When working at Anthem Blue Cross, it was not until I set out to change the rules around the medical management system, that I became the one in charge in this aspect of the company. I did not have teams surrounding me, but could call on people around the country to participate in projects and upgrades. This was ideal for a Soul like me who works from a very "Internal" compass. It is not that I never excelled in a populated setting, since, the ham that I am, I often spoke before large audiences in the Insurance World about heading up the country's largest Medical Management system. As soon as I gave a talk, however, I would retreat to a place where I could recharge.

Another example of success, based on my Abundance Blueprint's Internal Compass, is the work I do with my Akashic Record clients. I do most of my readings from the comfort of my home office. If I see a client in person, it is always one-on-one. This "Solitary" way is great for my Internal Compass and my practice is thriving.

This is just one of seven compasses that I work from, consistently. I'd love to tell you about your Abundance Blueprint and about your unique Compasses. Shining light on you as a Divine Being is fun. Who wants to stay in the dark when you know you can affect change and bring Abundance into your life by learning exactly how you best operate!

Many of us desire change and a way to improve our circumstances. I would love to help you, too. Please contact me so we can set up your first or next Akashic Record Reading and Clearing Session! And, of course, I’m available to chat or to answer any questions you may have!

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