Unmasking My Grandson's Soul

June 6th, 2017

reboot my soul

At the beginning of each reading, I ask whether the Soul seeks assistance and if there are any Blocks to Truth. Rarely do I come across a Soul that presents with a "Soul Level Mask" (SLM).

I was doing a reading for Ann on behalf of her seven year old grandson, Leo. I let Ann know that a very disempowered Soul may take on the emotional mask of a Soul who has just passed. This can happen when a Soul is born into the present incarnation while in a hospital setting, where both birth and death take place. This is what happened with her grandson. 

As a positive Soul, having experienced many negative past life experiences, he grabbed the emotional Shell of a Soul who had just passed and which had not yet dissipated. He hoped to use the Shell as a Mask of Protection.

During the Clearing work and Prayer, which I perform with the help of the Akashic Record Spirit Guides, the Shell is released. It is important to do this so the Soul's identity is not confused.  A Soul who wears a Shell/ Mask will have difficulty manifesting because it loses touch with its own Soul Gifts.

On day four of saying Leo's prayer for him, Ann emailed me with an update saying, "the other day Leo had arranged his hands up on his face saying, 'Want to see my mask?'  I looked and said, 'Oh that looks fierce.' (It did) and he took his hands away. I told him I was glad that was gone, thinking of the emotional body he picked up. Today he is doing it again and I just say, I like him better without the mask."

During a Reboot Akashic Record Reading & Clearing Session, I let my clients know that if something that has been cleared comes "knocking on your door," just know that it no longer exists and to tell it to go away. 

The behavior or Block & Restriction has been around for many lifetimes, and will take some time to get used to it no longer existing. It is so important to say the Clearing Prayer for 21 days, because it gives the intent or the message a chance to become seated in the person's 3rd or physical dimension.

Although I do the Clearing Work, it's so important to have it physically seated with the 21 day prayer.  Without this, someone could go right back to the previous behaviors that caused all of the past life and present life issues.

Ann also shared this, ... "I had asked my guides to show me a white feather, if the prayer worked.  Well, I was surprised, yesterday ,when Leo brought me a little white feather he found in the living room. I was so excited by it that he asked if I was kidding around, so I told him it was a sign his prayer is working!"

Ann was excited to share that a week later, Leo stopped with his Mask Pretending & has become more communicative. If you have not had your Past Life, Akashic Record Reading & Clearing Session, and would like to know more, or schedule yours now, I would love to chat with you! 

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Kariann Price