Take Back Your Home! Bye Bye Burial Ground, Gateways & Poltergeists!

With Halloween around the corner, I thought I’d talk about all of the “Haunted” houses and businesses that I’ve cleared.  Are you wondering if I have to be on the property decked in Ghostbuster garb with paraphernalia in hand?  I don’t blame you if you do, since that is what the movies have portrayed. 
You might even wonder if I see dead people or evil spirits.  Again legitimate questions since those are unwanted presences that we want removed from our home. Sorry to disappoint, but in reality, when I do a property reading and clearing, I don’t need to be there.  In fact, I’ve done hundreds of successful clearings remotely.  Just as I’m able to go into your Akashic record, so am I able to do that for a property, as long as I have permission from the owner or renter.  It’s there that I can see what is inhabiting your home or business. 
I also detect what energy that Earthbound Soul or ghost is contributing to the home and its occupants.   
What is important to clear or close, along with these stuck Souls, is any open Portalway or Gateway.  Those are the entry and exit points for entities. 
When I close the Gateway, which is like a five lane highway for entities, and which causes a great deal of discomfort for the home occupants, a Guardian Angel is assigned to remain there 24/7. Another thing that I find is whether a home has an old assignment as a Burial or Battleground or a Sacred Site.  You can imagine the energy that any one of those might contribute to a home.  It’s important to and I do reassign any of those to home or workplace as appropriate. I recently did a property home reading and clearing where I found an open Portalway and Gateway, which, as I said, is like a 5 lane highway for Entities to enter and exit.
There were Earthbound Souls and 4 Poltergeists.So I wasn't surprised to hear from the owner that a pig ornament showed up out of nowhere prior to the reading. I also reassigned her property from sacred site, Burial and Battleground to home. Rhianna had just moved to this home with her two daughters, so the clearing couldn't have happened at a better time.  Now she has a Guardian Angel in residence, as well!One store owner came to me with concerns about strange occurrences happening at her Cigar store.  Aside from her husband blaming her for keys and other things gone missing when she was certain of their location, she shared that, when going down to the basement, nails had been placed on the stairs, pointing up.  I let her know that there was a Disruptive Earthbound Soul, or what most call a Poltergeist.  They are really old, hundreds of years old and have gained over time, the ability to move themselves and things around. 
No Earthbound Souls  should ever be tolerated.  And it’s a kindness to move them along to their next appropriate experience, which I do during the clearing.
Do you wonder and worry about the energy in your home or business? Reach out! You can view more info at my website, www.Rebootmysoul.com.