Marriage For Comfort Not Love

We each come from many past lives that are rich and full of adventure. Some have us fulfilling our soul purpose, our divinity and others reveal choices that have become blocks and restrictions that have us on repeat for subsequent lifetimes. It is these negative markers that I clear from your Akashic Record.

During your Past Life, Akashic Record session, you will learn about your soul gifts and about the past lives that are still affecting you today in an undesirable pattern of lack and discomfort. The life areas that are affected are money, health and sexuality. We would like for all three to be in abundance and that is the goal of each reading and clearing.

The story below is true. I have changed the name in order to honor privacy.

Marriage For Comfort Not Love

Anastasia remarked that what I was sharing about her past lives was still taking place for her today.

As a young child, she escaped the ravages and torture of war during the Japanese invasion and MacArthur's mission in the Philippines. Poverty was rampant and as one of fourteen children, she was sent away to live with a rich aunt. This aunt treated her like Cinderella, keeping her in rags and scrubbing and cooking for the spoiled son and the adopted family.

Anastasia escaped frequently, and traveled the jungle path through many villages to find her family; only to be returned each time. When an opportunity arose for a release, not just from the clutches of her unloving aunt, but from the country that offered no promise, she jumped at the chance.

Her friend's shy brother was looking for a homeland bride to take back to the United States where he was stationed. They exchanged pictures and letters until the time came for her to wed. She told me that she never loved this man and, in fact, later fell in love with another. But they remained married while raising their four children and are still today.

I had told her that four marriages in four previous incarnations were without love on her part. She went into each for comfort, convenience and sometimes money. This revelation shocked her since it had no way of occurring to her without her Past Life, Akashic reading.

I later learned that this devout woman, who recited her rosary every night, so wanted to change the pattern of repeat that she chose to recite her prayer beyond the recommended 21 days. She now chooses to live her life as a woman who needs no one, as she is now the powerful creator of her experiences.  

Within her 21 days, she was able to find a therapeutic environment for her husband, who had been suffering from Alzheimers disease.  She ended the affair of forty years with the man who had in a previous lifetime become her soulmate, but was now part of a stale romance at best. Anastasia was free to enjoy her life at her leisure at last, doing exactly as she pleases. She now lacks for nothing as family, friends, health and her finances are abundant.  

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