Many lives ONE Master -- You are the Creator of your experiences!

I once read the book "Many Lives Many Masters" when I was a registered nurse working at the original Hospice in Branford, Connecticut. it was a huge bestseller and still resonates with people today. I never knew that one day, my journey would lead to the understanding and teaching that we live Many lives as ONE master.  

During your Akashic Record, past life reading, you will learn about your soul’s gifts and the details around certain choices from past lifetimes you made as the master of your experience.

Some of our choices can lead to Blocks and Restrictions that show up from one lifetime to the next as issues that feel like they are on repeat, especially now. Those Blocks and Restrictions are cleared as part of your reading.

Some things seem out of our control -- relationships, financial, career, our children, our health.  The list is endless. By taking action now, you can get back to being the Creator of the experiences YOU choose.  I identify and clear those Blocks and Restriction for you, allowing access back to your Soul's gifts and the abundance that you desire when you, as the Master of your many Lives, live your divinity!

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