Make This House My Home! No Ghosts Allowed!

Have you seen a property sit abandoned for so long, the "for sale" sign a thing of the past? 

There is a home that sits across the street,  facing the New Haven Harbor. You'd think it is haunted,  just looking at it,  although it's stucco structure and two story frame appears not too dated. 

Sometimes places and even things give us a certain feel or vibration.   And we often chalk it up to something we ate or a hormonal thing.  But sometimes the feeling a place or thing gives you doesn't go away and that's when you start to wonder,  "is there something that could be affecting me or my family?".

If you rent or own a home and there is a weight of unpleasant energy on you or your loved ones,  your beloved pets included,  there is no need to wonder what may be happening and why.  No need to feel helpless or stuck. 

I do property (Home and Business) Readings and Clearings.  With your permission I will do an initial reading at NO CHARGE!  You will learn if there are Earthbound Souls (ghosts) inhabiting your space, the energy they are imposing on you and your loved ones and more.

And with your permission, I will complete the Clearing, if needed.

I do readings all over the world.  Fortunately,  I only need your address and name in order to find your property and read its history.

Contact me if you'd like more info,  are just curious, and certainly if you're worried about why you can't shake that weird vibe when you enter your home or business!  

I've seen previously unsold and vacant homes suddenly receive interest and new homeowners,  businesses begin to thrive and existing homeowners, like Suzanne, share their immediate relief,  love and light felt upon the clearing. 

If there is a Gateway -- which is like having a five lane highway for Entities to go in and out of -- your home is assigned a Guardian Angel to protect it from opening again once I close it.

Our land is thousands of years old,  so it's impossible to know its previous land assignment.   I've rarely seen a home or business that was not previously a burial ground,  battlefield or Sacred site,  and sometimes a combination of these.   Not only do the first two create a great deal of unwanted activity in the form  of entity visits or stays, but imagine feeling you were never welcomed or as an intruder in your own home, if the property has been a Sacred site. 

Your home should be your own and only visited by your invited guests.  I look forward to helping you enjoy your homes and businesses with abundance of love, light and happiness!

Your initial home and/or business reading is Free of Charge!  So please feel free to contact me at 860-879-5304 or email me at

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