Love Is In The Air... Not By Accident!

Something big is up with several of my clients who have been doing my latest round of Strategic / Future Abundance sessions.

Belinda has an unexpected bonus outcome from doing her Divinity (her Soul Gifts). She has not only finally found a partner who is also on his own spiritual journey, but he is a movie star. She is excited to take this relationship toward a life as a family with him.

Jackie has also recently landed a partner who checks all her boxes. As well, her therapy practice is becoming not only more abundant with clients, but she is doing it her way and having fun because of that. We had been focusing on several areas of Jackie's life, with her practice at the top of her list. So meeting this man was a pleasant surprise.

All of my clients bring questions related to their intentions for me to measure. I always check in their Akashic Record, "what is the most aligned New Action to their Divinity and intention?" When you take New, aligned Action, you will see positive results.

When you work with me, I often tell you that your choices should never be based on societal mores, what your friends or family want for you, but what you desire. This is not telling you to be selfish. It is about you being the Powerful Creator of Your Experiences.

Neither Belinda nor Jackie had the perfect relationship as their number one desired outcomes, but as I tell all of you, as you do your Divinity with your New Actions, and as you begin to realize your number one intention, so will the others become a reality.

Let's talk about what you truly desire and let's get you started on your path of Transformation. Discovery chats are always free of charge!

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Blessings, Kariann