Let's Meet Your Spirit Guides: What your Spirit Guides do for you & how they "nudge" you!


Marian, David and Toni's Spirit Guides made them laugh, cry and know they were for REAL!  Raven's relationship went from struggle to romantic because of her Spirit Guide advice!

Hi, welcome back to the 7th episode of “My Winning Soul” podcast. Today, I’ll talk about you and your Spirit Guides who are with you 24/ 7.  We’ll talk about what a Spirit Guide is and why they are important? Then I’ll share how Marion’s and David’s Spirit Guides reveal something that made them laugh and cry!  And then I’ll finish with how Raven’s Spirit Guide’s advice turned her relationship from difficult to romantic!

My clients often start with their Akashic Record, Past Life reading and Clearing, where they not only learn about their Soul Gifts and purpose, but how many Spirit Guides they have hired.  There are many other Akashic Record support sessions, but the one that excites most is the Spirit Guide Meet & Greet. During that session, you will learn about ALL of their Soul gifts, what they look like, their name, their purpose on your team and how they nudge you.

They are with you 24/7 and are extremely excited when they get to meet their person!  Each time you reincarnate, you’ll get a new and different SG team. And, no, they are not your relatives.  We typically have four or five SGs who we hire at birth and continue to hire until around young adulthood.  

They do not guide others as you are their only person.  And they must support you in all of your choices, even if those choices are negative or not aligned to your Divinity.  Yes, they’d much prefer your choices and actions be aligned to your Soul Gifts, and so they do nudge and attempt to steer you toward what I call “your Divine Choices”.  But Free Will, and therefore, you as “The Powerful Creator of Your Experience always takes precedence.  

Let me share some stories that have made my clients know that their SG team was not joking and, indeed, was for real.

Marian was seated in my then Art Jewelry shop when I was launching into a description of one of her SGs. I realized then that I’d forgotten to read that and said, “Hold on while I go into your Akashic Record to visit this Spirit Guide”.  Soon I saw, with my eyes closed, an image of a green hill and then I said, “I think your Spirit Guide looks like a turtle.” Marion laughed and said, “Well, if you walked into my home you would see turtles covering every surface. I love them and love that this SG is showing me that they are for real!”

When I told Toni that, as I was envisioning one of her Spirit Guides, I first saw a white-filled space, that turned into white wings of a dove. She later let me know that her grandmother sang her this song everyday with these lyrics:

On the wings of a snow-white dove

He sends His pure sweet love

A sign from above (sign from above)

On the wings of a dove (wings of a dove)

When troubles surround us

when evils come

The body grows weak (body grows weak)

The spirit grows numb (spirit grows numb)

When these things beset us,

He doesn't forget us

He sends down His love (sends down His love)

On the wings of a dove (wings of a dove)

So Toni also knew that her SG team was for real and the messages they sent were so reassuring and offered amazing guidance for her.

Finally, when sitting in a very impressive Board room of the owner of a Software Development company, this man was suddenly brought to tears when I let him know that the Spirit Guide that looked like a professional chef, talked about his love for cooking as a child.  This man let me know that no one could know about his passion at that very young age. His guru, who was seated next to him retrieved a tissue for him to dry his eyes.

Sometimes the Spirit Guides’ messages are poetic, often funny, and most all, full of words that speak directly to their person in ways that are profound and extremely caring.

During Raven’s Future Abundance session, she shared that she and her husband had reached an impasse and she did not know what to do.  Her SG spokesperson began talking about something that she could try, which was that, when one of them wanted to talk, they would place a designated piece of paper in a certain area and the other could then decide to pick it up and choose to begin a discussion.  Two weeks later, Raven completely skipped over the relationship until I asked how or if she’d tried the SG homework advice. She said, “Oh my goodness, yes we did and things turned out fantastic. We actually stopped everything to take a quick romantic get-away and our discussions have continued to be much nicer.”

You may wonder how Spirit Guides speak their piece.  It’s not like someone all-of-a-sudden possesses my body.  Not at all. I’ll be talking and then, I'll suddenly start saying a lot and sometimes, start talking faster.  I’ll stop to dowse if a Spirit Guide has stepped in to share guidance. Then I’ll let my client know when it’s me talking again.  This happens a lot, whether or not the client has met their team

So that’s just a bit about our Spirit Guides.  They are Souls just like us, but have gathered so much wisdom and done their Divinity within their human experiences so much, that they can impart the support that we sometimes need.  You can always call upon them and if you want to meet your team, just let me know through my website, www.Rebootmysoul.com and join my FB group, “I Am The Powerful Creator of My Experience!”   

Blessings, Kariann