Kariann’s work in the Akashic Records helps Entrepreneurs and Business owners meet and exceed their goals!  Here are Casey’'s Business & Relationship Soul Success stories

Hello everyone!  the one thing you may note that is consistent throughout my teachings, is how important and impactful it is when we do our Divinity, our Soul Gifts.   When my clients first come to me for an Akashic Record reading and clearing, the most common thing I hear is their lack of clarity.  It could be “I want to know my purpose in life” or “I don’t know why my business is so busy, but I’m always tired” or “my partner is so up and down in our relationship, I’m so unhappy.”
There is a way for you to gain clarity and a foothold on those issues, which are just the tip of the iceberg, I know.  But whether it be issues around your business, your health or your relationships, I, through ongoing Akashic Record coaching, get you to an understanding of what is creating unwanted Negative Patterns in your life and what can be done that will create the results you long for.


I’d not had a Strategic/ Future Abundance session with Casey in several months.  She’d had her Akashic Record Past Life and several Present Life readings and clearings, and continued with ongoing Strategy sessions for several years.  Her psychotherapy practice was flourishing, but she was tired and was ready for guidance about next steps.  She already knew that, as a Divine Creation Soul, following the advice of a business coach, rather than creating through her own out-of-the-box vision, always brought her business down.  

Now that she was applying her own vision to her practice, she was busier than ever, but unhappy with not being able to enjoy life, as she was overbooked.  I’d previously dowsed and determined that her idea to raise her hourly rates was aligned to her Desired Outcome and to her Divine Self Expression (her Soul Gifts).  She did raise her session rates and did not lose any clients as she feared might happen.  

So what might she do to maintain a healthy and thriving practice that wasn’t going to drive her into the ground with exhaustion? This time it was just a matter of getting creative with her Zoom Group sessions, by giving her patients added access to her during the meeting in private messages.  Okay, so, yes, that would likely lead to more bookings.  So this good problem was still an issue, because she was going to get even busier.

And that’s when her Spirit Guides chimed in.  They pointed out that, as a Divine Creation Soul, it was up to her to determine time slots that accommodate her so that there was a balance that met both her patients and her needs.  Casey said that she’d not thought to organize add-on appointments according to her preferred times.  But now she would.

Casey continued to thrive in her relationship with this amazing and loving man, that she knew was a consequence of doing her divinity with her New Actions.  They were starting to look for a home together.  As well, her ex-husband was continuing to respond well to boundaries she’d set in order to keep herself and their children feeling safe.

So Casey was in a good conundrum because she was up-leveling as the Powerful Creator of her Experience.  And she is now poised to take continued New Action based on her Divinity and a sprinkling of Spirit Guidance.

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