Jeremy's Hungry Ghost is Gone!

At the conclusion of your first reading and clearing, I will let you know that I love receiving questions and updates on your progress. I have received so many emails regarding your miracles, big and small.. and I’d like to share some of them here. 

Jeremy recently had his second reading and clearing. 

His first Akashic Record reading revealed Past Life Blocks & Restrictions or the dark clouds that had him on repeat for unwelcome circumstances in his life.  The second or Life Situation reading revealed a mixture of both Past and Present Life Clouds.   

One of Jeremy’s Dark Clouds was a Hungry Ghost entity that had attached to his Lower back.  It first appeared 47 lifetimes ago when this entity was killed by Jeremy.  It is not uncommon to find that we have ended the life of another out of the need to defend ourselves or to enhance our stature in long ago rituals.  This and the other Life Situation “Clouds” did not show up during the first reading and clearing. 

Jeremy’s Higher Self protected him from a healing crisis that could have occurred with too much clearing done at once.  This next level clearing came as a result of new issues presenting themselves at intolerable levels.  These most likely occurred as a result of up-leveling by Jeremy, and his Higher Self seeing that he was ready for another clearing.  

The issues that presented from this Hungry Ghost were right side, lower back pain that had Jeremy considering surgical intervention, frequent angry, yelling outbursts and his need to restart his first Akashic record homework prayer three times.  Since his clearing, Jeremy’s back pain is gone, even when doing yard work.  He is doing his prayer homework and his anger is no longer an issue.  According to his wife, he is not yelling, anymore.   

If you’ve had your Akashic Record reading and clearing and have noticed new issues arising, especially after an initial time of Vital Force energy and Abundance,  you, too, may be Up-leveling and ready for a Life Situation Reading. 

Please email, text or call so we can chat about your circumstance.  I’m here to help!