Home Clearings = Happy Home, Happy Dog

Pennie Morgan let me know how my Property Reading and Clearing helped her and her doggie!!!!!

This is so interesting. You're right,  no wonder I never felt comfortable. I do feel a difference in the house. I wake up in the mornings without an alarm now. It's crazy. I notice a HUGE difference in my dog!! Her temperament has changed HUGE! Her tail is wagging and she just seems as if she has more energy and not SO depressed! -Pennie Morgan
Here is what I found at her property and what I cleared for her.

1 open Portalway,

1 open Gateway with Guardian Angel assigned 24/7 to prevent reopening.

1 Earthbound Soul contributing the energy of Drama.

2 Disruptive Earthbound Souls aka Poltergeists.

Reassigned property from Burial ground, Battle ground and Sacred site to Home.

 unwanted visitors allowed!!!!! 
Let me know if you’d like me to check your home or business.  It makes a huge difference owning your space — no unwanted visitors allowed!!!!!  All I need is your address.  I do this clearing remotely no matter where you live:)