Greg’s Health and Business Go from Uncertain to Robust!

Greg’s business partner recommended to him that he contact me for his Akashic Record, Past Life Reading and Clearing.  During his reading, he asked when I did his clearing.  I told him that it was done the day before, in the afternoon.  He became incredulous as he shared what took place at that time.

He said that he and his wife were entertaining a house full of friends and family when some plumbing issues began.  What he found remarkable was that as he was making repairs, instead of getting upset, as his typical type A personality would have done, he instead became calm.  He also noticed that his heart did not start to race and wondered why, especially since he had a long history of Atrial Fibrillation that his doctors had not been able to control.  He said he still felt calm and wondered about this new state of being.  

That was over a year ago and many Future Abundance and Business Abundance Strategy sessions later. Greg’s Construction business is booming and his Heart issues remain a thing of the past.  His physicians are baffled as to why he no longer experienced irregular heart beats and to this day, remains stable without the need for medications.

Many of us desire change and a way to improve our circumstances.  I would love to help you, too.  Please contact me so we can set up your first or next Akashic Record Reading and Clearing Session!  And, of course, I’m available to chat or to answer any questions you may have!