Grateful For You & Your Transformation Work

Hello everyone! I am stopping to pause in appreciation of all of you who have begun your journey of transformation with me, not only spiritually but, equally and actually, more importantly, physically.  And I’ll finish with Caroline’s Soul Success Story for both her career and marriage.
I’m grateful to both my clients and my student practitioners and graduates who are now expanding healing for their clients both spiritually and physically.  There is so much need, everywhere, especially with the Covid Pandemic that has many of us in despair on many levels.  It’s now when healing is so important.  


So here’s my list of gratitude:  I’m grateful that my clients understand that they are not stuck with their circumstances, but take New Action that is aligned to their Divinity, which is their Soul Gifts.  I’m grateful when they witness their results in all areas of their lives that are a reflection of those New Actions.  I’m grateful when they let me know of their improved health, wonderful relationship goals met, increased income levels, new career opportunities and positions that are rewarding and fun and more!  You’ve been hearing about mine and my client’s stories in these podcasts and that will never end, so I'm so grateful that you download, listen and share this, “My Winning Soul” Podcast!

So let me get back to now sharing Caroline’s Soul Success Story.  She’s been a client for years and has seen her home change from unwelcoming and full of appliance and system issues to becoming her family's home that she now cherishes and enjoys.  Her career is now also abundant if not, a lot, on the busy side, which we’ll get to in a bit.

However, one undeniable and disheartening issue continued to present itself ,and that was her relationship with her husband who had become a “Debbie Downer” whenever she and their daughters wanted to enjoy family outings and work together to complete chores.  Caroline saw that he was impatient with the girls and would throw tantrums such as when they shopped for a xmas tree.  What started as an occasion to celebrate, as with most of their outings, turned bitter.  

During Caroline’s Strategic/ Future Abundance session, I reminded her that I do not replace warranted psychological or medical therapies and asked if they had tried marital counseling.  She said he was firmly opposed to that.  As always, I let her know that we would never attempt to change his behavior; that is up to him, as we never want to interfere with the free will of another.  However, we are addressing her needs and there is always something that she can do to bring her life circumstance aligned to her needs and goals.  

While she did not want to end the relationship, because we did discuss setting boundaries that honor her, she wanted to try an exercise that I recently have been teaching my clients, and which has been accelerating their journey to reaching their goals.  

She’d already been applying this strategy to her career and let me know that her issue of being overwhelmed with too much work as a college professor and mentor, had suddenly and quickly taken a turn for the better.  Her Dean told her that he thought she needed to stop taking the workload of others on her time and he would support her.  She was so relieved.  That call of support from her boss happened within a week of applying the Vital Force Energy Exercise I gave her.

Two days after doing the same exercise with her husband, she let me know that, without a word spoken between them, he began to help around the kitchen and stood up when she went to pass him to hug her and let her know that he wanted to apologize for his unloving behavior to her and their daughters.  She felt that he was authentic and was so relieved that he’d made the move.  

But she knew that her New Strategic Action exercise was working again.  She laughed when she told me he went shopping with her with no agenda for him.  It wasn’t about motorcycles or guns, but just a nice day to spend together buying everyday things at Target and Kohls.  

Caroline now realizes the impact of doing this exercise with all of her actions, new and routine, especially since life and energy is not compartmentalized.  And she, as with all of my clients, has witnessed the amazing Karmic feedback quickly.  She again has validated that she is The Powerful Creator of her Experience!

If you’d like to reach your goals, be rid of unwanted negativity and step into your most desired dreams, let’s get you started.  Visit my website, and order your free Discovery Session so that we can talk about your next steps. Please join my FB group, “I Am The Powerful Creator of My Experience!” And, of course, subscribe and share my podcast,! I so look forward to helping you write your own Soul Success story.  With Love and affection, Kariann

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