From Victim To Healer, An Akashic Record Journey

We all begin our Soul Journey with many gifts, which I share with you at the beginning of your Reboot Akashic Record Reading & Clearing Session.  Then I tell you about your Past Life stories and the associated Dark Clouds or Blocks & Restrictions and how they were still affecting you until the clearing work. 

When I let Raven know that she had been a victim of sexual abuse and made to abort several times at the insistence of others, she let me know that this happened again in this lifetime.  It is not uncommon for me to see a pattern of life events extending from past life into the here and now. 

A month after her Akashic Record Clearing, Raven contacted me to let me know that her pastor, family & friends saw a positive change in her and that she was feeling more hopeful.  However, she was feeling PTSD issues resurfacing. I let her know that upon a Clearing, Vital Force Energy is restored in full, which often leads one to up-level or take on more action in life. 

With time, present life issues may surface more obviously than ever, especially when one is ready for more clearing work.  Raven's Spirit Guides & her Higher Self would not allow more clearing than she could tolerate -- all in an effort to avoid  a Healing Crisis.  When Raven agreed to a Life Situation Reading.  I asked her to email me any and all issues.  I then grouped her issues according to the Cloud or Block & Restriction causing them.    

One Life Situation grouping included 1) PTSD & Anxiety issues, 2) Raven's anxiety around two classes that she thought would cause victim issues to resurface & 3) a creepy feeling at the top of her stairs.  One of the Blocks I found in her Akashic Record was when she took on unjustified karma when her mother of 27 lifetimes ago made her abort a baby she wanted to keep. 

The third Life Situation included 1) a renewed fear of the dark, 2) Feeling exhausted from not sleeping at night & 3) Recurring Pain in her jaw that locks up.  The Block & Restriction I found was from four lifetimes ago, when she again took on unjustified guilt for aborting a baby at her husband's bidding.   The fourth  grouping included 1) Guilt over present life abortions, 2) Not able to shake feeling "off" & 3) Difficulty expressing her thoughts both written & orally.  While in her Akashic Records, I found the Block & Restriction to be an Illusion at Raven's  7th or power chakra that correlated to the statement, "Don't judge a book by its cover".  More specifically, the illusion was that abortions  are bad or evil.  As with all Akashic Record Readings, I had cleared the Clouds identified. 

During the reading, I let Raven know a little known truth. that newly-created Souls need to practice entering a Human Body.  Without these opportunities to get it right, a baby could be born with mental or physical disabilities.  When Raven allowed this to settle in, she felt a level of relief that had not been possible before.  Her progress as the Powerful creator of her experiences continued with a combination of her traditional therapy and bi-monthly Spirit Guide Coaching/ Future Reading sessions,  It has been six months since Raven's first Akashic Record Reading & Clearing. 

She is now looking forward to enrolling in a Masters of Divinity program.  When I asked what her one word would be when she arrives at her desired outcome, Raven chose "Compassion".   If you have not had your Past Life, Akashic Record Reading & Clearing Session, or would like to know more about the Life Situation Reading & Clearing, I would love to chat with you! 

Feel free to email, text or call me!  Let's schedule your session now! 

Blessings,  Kariann Price