Doing Her Divinity


Hello everyone, there is nothing more gratifying than knowing that you have helped someone.

Clarrisa has been meeting with me for regular Strategic Abundance sessions for several years. At the end of every session I ask her when she would like to meet again? I never want to encourage meeting with my clients if they are not gaining from their sessions.

I asked her what she has gained recently, especially during this trying time of Covid 19 shelter in place, and not long after she resigned from a job that, we discovered through her Vital Force Energy reading, was keeping her in a relationship that was toxic. Ending this particular energy exchange was important to her being able to move out of lack and into abundance.

Clarrisa let me know that, since she left that job and that relationship, she is creating more income doing something she'd always wanted to do, but never had the time to do until now. She has been learning how to and playing the stock market successfully.

I rarely have to remind her to do her Soul Gifts. Clarrisa is diligent in applying her Gifts to her everyday actions and especially new actions.

We always look at her results to validate that her New Actions are aligned to her Desired Outcome and to her Divinity (her Soul Gifts).

Another indication that she is doing her Divinity are the many opportunities she continues to have in the typically very competitive Hollywood scene. During this time of Covid 19 social distancing and essentially shut down of this industry, she is moving forward with audition opportunities. As well, one of her films was recently selected for the Canne film festival. And she has been named as co-producer of another film. And, her fans have discovered new ways to keep up-to-date with their favorite Star!

If you are seeking to know your purpose, your Soul Gifts and how to move forward in achieving your heart's desire, let's set up a discovery chat, which is always free of charge!

Blessings, Kariann