Clarissa's Journey: Part II - Rising Star

Clarissa’s journey continues to unfold according to her Desired Outcome.  Most people would find her goal a pipe-dream.  She wanted to be cast as a regular, starring in a television series that would bring her X amount of dollars per episode.  

During her Future Abundance Sessions, I determined, while in her Akashic records, that creating her goal was probable by 100%.  I shared the timeframe which was within 6 months.  Even Clarissa was questioning this, but forged ahead doing all her Abundance homework.

One Sunday session, I let her know that she was four weeks away from obtaining her Desired Outcome.  I reminded her that she needed to take NEW action in order to achieve a NEW result.

We met one more time for her bi-monthly session.  I was traveling to Virginia to meet with reading clients.  When I returned home and checked my email, I saw that Clarissa had been trying to reach me via text and phone messages.  I had not rebooted my cell phone which resulted in my missing many messages, including Clarissa’s.

Her message was amazing: “I got call backs for a regular series role, more call backs and negotiations.”  The final outcome was her landing the role and the per series compensation, which was what she desired.  Clarissa has already shot her first episode!

Now we are working on her next Desired Outcome.  Stay Tuned!!!

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