Clarissa's Journey: Part I

Clarissa had received abundance in her Desired Outcome of Guest starring in a major sitcom, after receiving her Past Life, Akashic Reading and clearing.  After many months, she knew something remained stuck, as she longed to achieve more in her career and in her love life.

She was now conscious, as the Powerful Creator of her experiences, that her actions needed to be aligned to her Desired Outcomes and to her Divine Soul Blueprint.  Clarissa began bi-monthly Future Abundance sessions, where I analyze every aspect of her new Desired Outcome based on her Vibrational state and circumstance.  I analyze her actions and let her know from session to session how much she has moved toward or away from her goal.  In this way, the work is grounded as her actions, especially her NEW actions (NOT thoughts or wishes) are what bring her new results.

Clarissa was diligent in doing her homework, some assigned by me and some by her Spirit Guides.  And her results are unfolding in not just her career, as she recently won a Best Actress award in a Short Film; but as she began dating someone who brings the qualities she desired in a relationship.

During her last session, she asked that I take a look at a picture of her posing next to a museum photo of a woman dressed in a loose caftan uniform, holding a rifle. They looked identical and were from the same country.  Clarissa wanted a record of she and her "twin", feeling an immediate kinship to this soldier who fought the annihilation of her people. 

Clarissa would later receive a picture from her new boyfriend, David, of his great-grandmother who survived the holocaust and later had four children.  She immediately recognized the museum photo and sent him her "twin" photo.  Her Spirit Guides confirmed that this great-grandmother reincarnated as Clarissa soon after her passing.  I explained the details of her reincarnation which was far from straightforward.  I asked if she had a major illness as a baby.  She said her parents were constantly taking her to the hospital as she could not keep food down.  It was during this time that her original Soul requested to be replaced by another who was a Vibrational match with the parents.  Enter the Soldier / Great-grandmother.  It is this Soul who I've been reading now as Clarissa!

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