Ariel Goes From Depression To Finding Peace & Happiness!

By Ariel:

You need Kariann in your life! I seriously cannot even explain with words how much she has helped me. 

A friend of mine recommended I contact Kariann when I was going through horrible times. I was depressed, full of anxiety, no hope for anything and I really didn't want to be alive. I didn't think there was a point to be alive. I was miserable to be alive. 

But I wasn't always like that, and I was missing my old self. I contacted Kariann in hopes of getting my old self back, but what I got back was way better than the old self :). 

I first did my Akashic Record Past Life Clearing and Soul Gifts reading.  During the reading phone call, I was so depressed that I was speaking with her from my bed (it was 1pm, and I still was in bed). 
During our conversation, I felt like I took ten energy drinks, I got out from bed and started walking as somehow I was full of energy. 

Several weeks later, I told Kariann that I was falling back down into depression.  She spoke with my spirit guides and told me that I was ready for a Present Life Reading & Clearing.

After this second clearing, ~ I had a very intense awakening.  Now I am a new person with the good qualities from my old self but so much better. As well, I spent my whole life feeling like I didn't belong in this world and now I understand why.   I was half awake , not realizing that the blocks and restrictions were keeping me from my Soul Gifts.

Kariann’s readings brought so much clarity, and I am so happy and peaceful now.  Overnight, I became vegetarian and I am in perfect zen every single moment of my life. I am manifesting my goals and am so excited to be here to do my Soul Gifts! I am so full of love and gratitude. I am finally at peace with myself.  

I am so grateful to Kariann for saving me when I was going downhill very fast. She helped me get back my sense of magic again which I see now truly exists. 
And most importantly all of this was only possible because I felt again my connection with God / Universe / the Divine, that is always with us, patiently waiting for us to wake up and do our Soul Gifts, while loving us unconditionally. 

Kariann’s clearing of all the blocks and restrictions, and clearly reminding me of my purpose, made me go from not wanting to exist to being so excited to do my Soul Gifts.

It is so amazing to have Kariann be there next to me on this magical journey of life. What is incredible about her is that she is such an honest and gentle soul, constantly reminding me to have fun on this journey. 

And she is very affordable so don't be scared to contact her. Your soul will thank you :). And you will be so happy to finally end your suffering.  Enjoy your journey on our Planet Earth and share your beautiful Soul gifts with us!


Many of us desire change and a way to improve our circumstances.  I would love to help you, too.  Please contact me so we can set up your first or next Akashic Record Reading and Clearing Session!  And, of course, I’m available to chat or to answer any questions you may have!

Please email, call or text me with any questions or to set up your next session.   860-879-5304.