Angela's Health & Natalie's Weight Loss, Romance & Career Success Stories!

Your Health and Relationships Matter!  How Kariann's Akashic Record readings, clearings and Coaching have brought 90 - 100% improvement where medical and psychological therapies have failed. 

So what is all the fuss about?  It’s about you taking the reigns of your life as the Powerful Creator of Your Experience!  (BTW, please join my FB group, I Am The Powerful Creator of My Experience!).  

So, how did Angela and Natalie reach their health and relationship goals????  They've had their Akashic Record, Past Life Reading and Clearing work done and have moved on to Future Abundance sessions with me.  With the understanding of their Soul Gifts, Purpose and a big clearing of the Clouds or Blocks and Restrictions completed, they and all of my clients at this point are perfectly positioned to take New Action, aligned to their Soul Gifts or their Divinity as they move toward creating and achieving their goals.  Their goals are known because I ask them to share what they want to create for themselves, within 3 - 6 months.  

The Future Abundance sessions, which are typically ½ hr bi-monthly sessions, now include Spirit Guidance (where they often start talking, mid-session!); also Vital Force or Chi, Prana Energy readings, and an understanding of where you are in reaching your goal(s).  As always, the readings are done within your Akashic Record, which is a repository or if you can visualize, a library that holds all of your choices from first incarnation to now.  My readings are never a random plucking of your circumstances and your future.  My clients validate, all the time, my findings with their results.

So let’s talk about Angela.  I had not heard from her for several years when she reached out to me.  She’d been experiencing chronic bladder infections, unrelenting bladder and back pain, lack of energy, brain fog and a ton of worry about what she was getting wrong.  Her physician had put her through a lot of lab work and trials of different medications and still her symptoms continued unabated for a year.  

Angela was so frustrated and exhausted when she reached out again to me.  After several Akashic Record, Present Life readings and clearings and Future Abundance sessions, she let me know that her bladder issues were 95% improved and her husband noticed that she was more energetic and involved in their family business and outings.  We discussed what blocks and restrictions I found and had to clear for her.  

One was an energetic connection from a previous relationship with a guy who had a “Hook” (which is what it sounds like) in her.  Although the relationship ended 30 years ago, he was still influencing her with the energy of drama at her 4th or heart chakra.  Angela said she absolutely felt his presence and influence.  Although she loved her husband, who was always hugely supportive of her, she never stopped thinking about the man from that relationship.  Angela said she felt a constant pull in the way of wondering what it would be like to rekindle something with him, even though he had been very controlling in the relationship.  So when I explained the “Hook” that I cleared, she was relieved to know that his part would no longer affect her.   Once I severed or cleared that hook and she decided to take New Action of “Energy Starving” any preoccupations with this person, she noted a significant relief in her physical ailments and an increase in energy.

Now let me say with absolute certainty that I never advise my clients to replace medical, psychological, financial or legal supports with the work they do with me.  But it is often the case that my clients share that prior therapies have only offered so much in the way of answers and often little to no relief.

Now let’s talk about Natalie.  She came as a referral from her Hollywood-Producer friend, who’d been my client and seen wonderful transformation in her life.  Natalie could be characterized as lacking in confidence, easy to cry at the drop of a hat, and without hope for her future regarding relationships and her career.  

After doing her Soul Gifts ( and btw, she is a Divine Order Soul) with all of her actions and consistently taking New Action, which I measure for her along the way to assure they are aligned to her goals and Divinity, she literally blossomed.  She went from being afraid of her own shadow to easily approaching a guy at her outdoor dance meetup, to get to know and show her interest in him.  During Co-vid the dances had stopped, and she missed the opportunity to pursue this “crush”.  He made it clear that his attention was on her and not her friend, who was typically the guy magnet in the room.  She’s not putting all of her “eggs in one basket”, however, but is checking out other possibilities with other guys, as well.  

Natalie asks me to measure if her new actions of pursuing different guys are aligned to her goals and her divinity.  Sometimes I give percentages of alignment so she can compare as she decides her next steps. One guy might show up as aligned to her by 40%, while another is at 80%.   By the way, I do the same for all New Action for all of my clients, whether it be for purchasing a new home or trying new supplements and more as our choices are endless.

During each Future Abundance session, I not only relay Spirit Guide advise and homework, but I also measure how much of my clients’ energy is received from Vital Force Energy (VFE) or, as some call it -- Chi or Prana -- from Divine Source.  At the start, most of my clients are barely getting more than single digit percentages of VFE.  We cannot create or survive without Vital Force Energy.  So I get a baseline VFE reading and reread prior to each session, to see if my client has moved up.  The only way to do that is by doing their Soul Gifts with their actions and even better, New Actions.

Natalie had been on a steady rise as she was committed to doing her Divinity, her Soul Gifts through her actions.  So when I asked her what she was experiencing in the way of abundance, because that is what happens with more VFE, she quietly said, “well, I not only have several guys I’m excitedly getting to know, but my career is going very well.  My boss and my teams appreciate my creative input and I’m being rewarded a lot.  I just bought a brand new Mercedes Benz and I also had taken new action and changed my diet and exercise and I lost 21 pounds. I’m so happy.”

Natalie’s tone is still sweet and meek, but with a touch of boldness to her words.  What happened to Natalie started with her first Akashic Record, Past Life Reading and Clearing and continued through the many tools I offer through ongoing Akashic Record Coaching.  She is proud to be the Powerful Creator of Her Experience. 

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